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April 15, 2019

New “Game of Thrones” Parody Has the Internet All Worked Up

For anyone who knows anything about pornography or the internet, it will come as no surprise that porn parody dream team Woodrocket and Pornhub have released a new take on Game of Thrones just in time for the hit HBO show’s final season premiere. After all, triple-x takes of major Hollywood events have been a mainstay of adult entertainment for decades.

Pornographers have produced hornier versions of everything from Frankenstein to The Graduate to The Lego Movie, and Game of Thrones is no exception; one of the most successful television shows ever created was bound to get its own time in the smutty spotlight. And it already has. Woodrocket unveiled Game of Bones: Winter Is Coming way back in 2013, when the show was in its early days.

And now the same team has unveiled Game of Bones 2: Winter Came Everywhere, featuring more ridiculous costumes, eye-roll-worthy jokes, and terrible Britsh-ish accents. But, “White Wanker” masturbation scene notwithstanding, what makes this moment in porn parody history remarkable isn’t the blue film itself. It’s the breathless enthusiasm that the internet is showing about it. Game of Bones 2 has been covered everywhere from Cosmo to Mashable to Vice to Yahoo and beyond, often in tones that make it sound as if this is unprecedented news.

Cosmpolitan writer Mehera Bonner declared that “absolutely no one was prepared for” this parody, while Vice’s River Donaghey apologized to her readers for breaking the news.

Meanwhile, Hello Giggle’s Anna Sheffer was flabbergasted that “There are now two viral porn parodies of the HBO series in existence.”

Thing is, there are way more than that. Industry stalwart Jim Powers gave the word Khaleesi’s Cunt: A XXX Game of Thrones Parody in 2016, the same year that Brazzers released their Storm of Kings XXX. Brazzers’s sequel, Queen of Thrones XXX, debuted the next year. And then of course there are the countless amateur videos created by fans roleplaying as the series’ iconic characters, which a simple internet search will reveal to the average internet fapper. The point being: anytime there’s a successful movie or TV series these days, porn parodies abound. And Game of Thrones is not immune to the smut treaatment.

We realize that Game of Thrones fever is at an all-time high as the final season makes its appearance. And clearly the media frenzy over Game of Bones 2 is a part of that phenomenon. We wish Woodrocket and HBO both much success on their newest ventures, of course, but hey. Let’s not get too worked up about the crossover, shall we?

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