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April 09, 2019

Mary Moody: Hitting Nearly 1 Million Views for Every Upload

VENICE, CA – Performer Mary Moody is working hard to make it easy to find and enjoy her content, and her Pornhub account is one of her most important outlets.

After seeing others were uploading her content onto the site two years ago, Moody made the decision to take control by creating her own account on the site. In that time, she’s gained nearly a million views for every video she’s posted. She is now just shy of 100,000 subscribers.

“I started seeing recordings of my cam shows popping up on sites everywhere… I decided to lean in instead of trying to control all my content, so I downloaded one of those stolen videos and made it my first Pornhub video,” Moody said.

“I signed up for what’s called a Verified Model Account on Pornhub, meaning I could earn money from ad revenue when I upload my videos. My very first video got featured on the front page of Pornhub… It was such a thrill, and I was immediately hooked,” she added.

Moody has since had many positive experiences with the “wonderful subscribers and fans” on the site and has traveled with Pornhub to several conventions. She was also nominated for “Best Squirter” at the Pornhub Awards in 2018.

“Pornhub has been such an unexpected blessing to me and my career,” Moody said. “I’m a huge exhibitionist, and I get so excited seeing all the views on my videos. Plus, it’s helped me control my content and make money in the process.”

Check out Moody’s Pornhub page at pornhub.com/pornstar/mary-moody.

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