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April 03, 2019

Andre Shakti Pens ‘Ask Andre’ Column for Slixa

Los Angeles, CA — Online adult directory Slixa has added a new weekly column, “Ask Andre,” to its blog. The column features advice from educator, performer and sexpert Andre Shakti.

Shakti recently unveiled several different perspectives on one provocative subject in a new article, “Why Do People Pay For Sex?” To inform the piece, the author interviewed a trans man who sees a BDSM practitioner, a cis gay man who relishes the intimacy providers offer and a married couple who hires sex workers when on vacation.

While their accounts varied, collectively, the stories explained that intersecting levels of marginalization and vulnerability can contribute to a desire for sensual experiences that are more structured. These “more structured” experiences may potentially pose less risk than “outside” or random interactions.

“With a sex worker, I know they won’t force anything on me that I don’t want, and there’s a certain level of pre-existing knowledge and experience that’s comforting,” explained one of the respondents.

“I also got to find [a professional dominatrix] that was queer like me and had worked with trans people before… that was really important to me. If they’re a sex worker, I know they understand consent. I know they won’t cross boundaries,” they added.

Shakti has written four “Ask Andre” articles so far: “My Boyfriend Hates Dogs,” “Am I PrEPared Enough?,” “Gay Slut Shaming,” and “STD School.” The author invites readers of all races, genders and affiliations to submit their sex, relationship and professional questions to blog@slixa.com with the subject line “Ask Andre.”

Read Shakti’s “Ask Andre” articles at Slixa.com/blog/askandre.

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