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March 22, 2019

Summer Hart Calls Out TTS’s New ‘Medical Health Questionnaire’

Summer Hart recently took to Twitter via @OUSweetheart to call out some procedural behavior occurring at Talent Testing Service (TTS) that she perceived as new and potentially problematic.

Tweets documenting her observations — posted originally on March 19 and reposted in full below — state:

I haven’t heard anyone talking about @TalentTesting ‘s new “Medical Health Questionnaire” But it does NOT include any information required by federal law, under HIPPA about how your information will be used.

The questions on it really strange, vague, and confusing, and I emailed @FSCPASS and @TalentTesting to ask why they didn’t include the information. They told me they were HIPPA compliant, but, I know as someone working in a medical office, you are required to disclose to patients

Where their information goes, who sees it, and what can be shared with others. Their forms have no disclosure notices. How can performers have any idea who they’re sharing information with. Companies? Other performers? The entire pass data base?

The problem is that we wouldn’t and don’t know, because no one has provided any information at all on the subject, and people are signing it and handing over their VERY PERSONAL info to @TalentTesting bc they trust them.

Worse than that, they are telling people that they must disclose this information in order to get tested, but do not tell performers where it will go, why they need it but never needed it before in the years I’ve been going there.

More than this, the questions that were asked were things like do you have any medical conditions…any? Why would the TT doctor need to know about your bipolar diagnosis? They ask if you’re having “crossover” sex. WTF does that mean? Who does that apply to?

Just a thought, but I will be demmanding to know where my information is going, who can see it and how it is being used, like federal law says I have the right to. We need disclosures. @TalentTesting @FSCPASS @FSCPASS

I will be demmanding that all performers receive disclosures as well. This is an issue @FSCArmy should care about.

Grab of Hart’s thread, reproduced in full.

Hart received a response from Talent Testing via email, which she also shared on Twitter.

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