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March 21, 2019

Allie Eve Knox Advocates for Crypto in Decrypt Media Article

Los Angeles, CA – Performer and cam model Allie Eve Knox breaks stereotypes in a new interview article written by Ben Munster for Decrypt Media.

In the piece, Knox discusses her work with the camming wallet site Spankchain and her preference for cryptocurrency. The article outlined the advent and growth of Spankchain through its founders Ameen Soleimani and William “Wills” de Vogeleare,

To read the entire article, “The Inside Story of Spankchain,” go here.

Knox spoke about how cryptocurrency gives sex workers at Spankchain flexibility in managing their earnings. Crypto also help users avoid chargebacks or other withholdings from banks and other mainstream financial institutions that single out adult performers with special restrictions.

“You have these rich bankers closing performers’ accounts, then going home and jerking off to the women whose accounts they’ve just closed,” she told Munster.

By using cryptocurrency, Spankchain shields performers from banks or other financial institutions attempting to seize or freeze the performers’ earnings. This is because Spankchain is secured cryptographically by a complex code.

As head of outreach for Spankchain and a performer on the site, Knox understands the challenges facing sex workers. She is “all-in” when it comes to Spankchain’s dedication to supporting and empowering women and performers in general.

Media interested in speaking with Knox about Spankchain or cryptocurrency in general may email Ashley@forwardapproachmarketing.com.

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