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March 19, 2019

Harriet Sugarcookie Asks ‘Uncut or Nah?’ in Newest YouTube Video

In her latest YouTube video, men’s lifestyle site Sugarcookie.com founder Harriet Sugarcookie investigated penises and circumcision.

Specifically: Some guys are circumcised, others are not. Do women have a preference? Do they even care? Sugarcookie asked women porn performers and cam models to weigh in, once again demonstrating the power of cute, clever content creation.

“There’s always a huge debate when I mention circumcision, and many guys get super defensive and insecure,” Sugarcookie said. “I wanted to show that it really isn’t something girls think about or care about so guys can be more confident with their manhood regardless of whether they’re cut or uncut.”

In the spirit of science and insights that can be gleaned from gathering a comprehensive number of data points, Sugarcookie present her questions to a large number of respondents. “I decided to ask pornstars about circumcision as they definitely experimented with both and because sample size is important when doing science!”

When asked which they prefer and why, many respondents opted for circumcised. They reportedly thought it looked “more attractive” or was “cleaner.” Respondents who said they prefer uncircumcised said it’s because “it’s more interesting to play with” or “more comfortable for anal sex due to there being less friction.”

Highlighting the subjective validity — because though preference is a valid point, it’s also still just an opinion — of both general responses, Sugarcookie said, “This shows that there is a difference between the two, even if it’s only a perception as being uncircumcised doesn’t mean you have dirty manhood. And just because you’re circumcised it doesn’t mean anal sex will be painful.”

Although most respondents gave a clear preference for circumcised or not, when faced with their less-preferred option, no one stated this would be a dealbreaker — or even much of a factor when choosing a partner.

“What this shows is that girls really don’t think about this as much as guys do. Sure there are some extremely minor pros and cons to both circumcised and uncut penises. The big lesson here is don’t be insecure about about you penis. Girls don’t care,” Sugarcookie concluded. “But you must make sure you keep him very clean. The pornstars we asked care a lot more about hygiene than whether you lopped off your foreskin or not.”

Makes total sense to us.

With their survey interview videos, Sugarcookie and Sugarcookie.com have managed to identify a great formula for cute, sexy content that also provides educational use-value and contributes to brand recognition overall. In addition to the good science behind many data points, this in of itself is quite savvy.

Watch Sugarcookie’s video below.

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