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March 07, 2019

Segpay Launches ‘Post Pay’ Option to Minimize Chargeback Risk

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. � Digital payment processor Segpay has announced the launch of Post Pay, a feature �designed to give merchants more control over how they authorize and settle purchases on cam sites and other token-based services,� the company said.

�With Post Pay merchants can offer a better buying experience while lowering their risk of chargebacks,� the company said in its statement.

Via Post Pay, merchants can authorize an amount on a consumer�s credit card, then continue to accept purchases within their site from that same consumer, until the authorized amount is used up. If the full amount of the authorized amount isn�t used, the merchant can �can capture the transaction at any time for any amount below the initial authorization,� Segpay said, allowing merchants to �market a service where one pays only for the time they use; so, consumers can buy with more confidence knowing they won�t be on the hook for unused time.�

�For example, with an initial authorization of $100, a merchant can prompt someone to �chat more� after a session ends where the full $100 still hasn�t been used,� the company explained in its release. �A request for more tokens can then be fulfilled quickly without having to make a new call to Segpay. Once that consumer is finished buying or reaches the $100 limit, the merchant can capture the amount spent and finalize one overall transaction, helping reduce chargeback risk.�

Shay Efron from ImLive noted that with Post Pay, �our users can choose the exact amount they want to spend on each private session or tipping session without the need to pre-pay for credit packages.�

Tal Bar-Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer for ImLive added that the company is �now able to offer our users the ability to spend as they go, along with prepaid packages, which is proving to be very successful.�

�That, along with our proven pre-paid credits packages, helps us market a very simple, convenient service for our consumers,� Bar-Cohen added.

�Having one individual line item on their credit card bill, instead of four or five, is more user-friendly for consumers,� said Cathy Beardsley, Segpay CEO.� �That encourages more purchases and fewer chargebacks, which of course makes merchants very happy.�

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