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March 06, 2019

Cindy Starfall Prioritizes Listening to Fans, Giving Them What They Want

YNOT recently spoke with performer Cindy Starfall, who was making an appearance at Adultcon in Los Angeles, CA.

Starfall shared some details regarding the philosophy behind her content creation, as well as creating everyday items for fans. She also spoke about fan interaction — and how those interactions work to keep her business momentum going.

Cindy Starfall’s Philosophy

Starfall’s guiding principle is giving her fanbase what they want: interaction. She feels that, to be successful in her line of work, she needs to be interactive with her fanbase, which works out nicely since that is exactly what she likes to do.

She engages with her audience on social media by posting on Facebook (where she posts regularly), Twitter (where she promotes herself and other stars and events), Instagram and Snapchat. Her strategy for posting includes making sure her fans have a little bit of her to help get them through the day. Starfall also answers questions in Q&A sessions posted on her Youtube page.

To increase her control over her brand, she has begun self-producing and directing her content and has launched cindysflix.com where she is 100 percent in control of her product.

What are “everyday items”?

Picture and video content, however, are not all that Starfall offers. Cindystarfall.net also supplies everyday items like calendars and mugs.

The way she sees it, items that are special and unique are part of the interaction that she finds crucial to her business model. That is one of the reasons all of her items in her store come autographed and why she prides herself on selling directly, with no middleman, and handling her own shipping. She also offers a tiered membership plan on her website that allows fans to get everything from a newsletter, discounts on their orders and birthday month present.

How is this working out?

Making sure to take into account research and listening to fans for what they want, the mug is there with them every time they take a drink and the calendar allows fans to spend twelve months with her.

Though her selection of everyday items is small, Starfall subscribes to the school of thought that emphasizes quality over quantity, while balancing that with cost to her and the consumer. She does not want her fans to have a bad product as they could associate those feelings with her directly.

This strategy seems to have worked out pretty well as Starfall is happy to report the items are doing great, with the calendars being especially popular with her audience. With her current success, she is moving full steam ahead with her independent content productions and will be debuting a new t-shirt soon. She is also in the design phase of a new hat for her website.

Starfall in her booth at Adultcon, 2019. Image via the author.

What can we learn from Cindy Starfall’s business model?

Starfall produces a product that cannot be advertised and sold everywhere and depends a lot on public perception. She has taken steps to mitigate these hindrances by always trying to engage with her audience and even monetize that activity. She has tried to cut out the middleman wherever possible, which allows her more control over her product as well as more profit for her in the long term.

Since her content is still considered taboo by the mainstream, she can supply her customers with everyday items that may help normalize the existence of her brand and make her presence a constant for her audience.

It is worth noting that Starfall’s approach mirrors similar strategies engaged by some independent content creators, both those who are just starting out and others who have been in business for a while now. The overarching themes in these cases include being sure to engage with the audience and being willing to put in the hard work necessary to create what you want to put out.

Starfall has rolled up her sleeves and gone all in, and the payoff is easy to see.

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