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October 25, 2016

Can’t Afford to Produce VR Content? Lease It.

TAMPA BAY, Fla. – Virtual reality is one of the hottest new trends in adult. The technology to produce and distribute VR material is costly, though…too costly for many website owners.

Webmaster Central, which recently entered the VR game, offers one solution: leased VR content from WC’s growing archive.

“Our VR content package already has 10 full VR scenes in the archives, all shot in Ultra-4K 3D, and the videos stream at 60 frames per second,” said Chief Executive Officer Andrew Alvarez. “Our clients get access to the complete library, and we’re also adding one new scene each month. It’s a perfect and simple solution for giving your site an added level of value, whether you have a subscription site, a live-cam site or even an adult dating site

Existing clients receive special discounts, he added.

According to Alvarez, the immersive nature of VR content, combined with the fantasy nature of adult entertainment, is proving a boon for webmasters seeking to drive new sales conversions a better member retention rates. VR websites are reporting conversion of 1:200 or better, he said.

“Consumers are eager to experience the enhanced intimacy of virtual-reality porn,” he asserted.

VR content isn’t all Webmaster Central offers as part of the package. Those who lease from WC will be granted a free license to use the company’s VR3000 Player, allowing them to stream not only the leased content, but also their own as they migrate to VR production.

Companies that do not lease VR content from Webmaster Central may license the VR3000 Player separately.

“We have a lot of options for integrating our content directly into your existing website design, or we can even white-label our VR content so you can create your own separate adult VR website,” Alvarez said. “Bundle our content with your existing sites, or offer it for sale as a separate experience — the choice is yours.”

Early adopters rave about the VR experience, leading mainstream companies like Sony, Google and HTC to throw millions of dollars into research and development of bigger and better VR technology. Analyst firm Business Intelligence projected global sales of head-mounted displays will hit 25 million units in 2020, an 80-percent increase over 2016 numbers.

For more information about Webmaster Central’s VR solutions, visit WebmasterCentral.com or contact sales@webmastercentral.com.

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