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October 21, 2016

Shots Donates to Dutch Children’s Charity

BENEDEN LEEUWEN, Netherlands – The Shots Charity Foundation, established earlier this year by pleasure products manufacturer Shots Media, has made its first donation: a contribution of €5,000 to Liedjesfabriek (in English, The Song Factory).

The charity offers sick children a positive distraction through music and songwriting. Musicians visit children’s hospital wards, where they write a song for each child and turn the songs into music videos. The process allows the children to forget their illnesses for a while, which invariably renews their energy and enthusiasm, according to a Shots spokesperson.

The organization is putting together a similar program for homebound children. To serve that goal, the Shots Foundation’s contribution will purchase a bus that will be converted into a mobile recording studio.

“We are really proud of our new foundation and this ability to support many different small and lesser-known charities in doing what they do best: helping those in need,” said Shots executive Oscar Heijnen. “The Liedjesfabriek puts a smile on the faces of these sick children and helps them forget their troubles. Even if it is just for one day, to them it means the world and it really is something they will remember for a long time.

“Knowing that we played a small part in this with our donation makes us extremely proud,” he added.

The Shots Foundation also donated €792 to The Alzheimers Society. The remainder of the €14,02.40 the organization raised during the first week of its existence will be distributed to other small charities.

For more information about Shots and its benevolent initiatives, visit Shots.nl, follow the company on Twitter or check out the Shots Facebook page.

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