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October 19, 2016

The Name Game: Product Monikers Matter

LONDON – Product designers and marketing pros will tell anyone who’ll listen that a name attracts consumers even before they’ve seen the product. That’s part of the underlying philosophy behind Rocks-Off’s newest release — which isn’t so much a “new release” as simply offering an existing product in a new color.

The color isn’t even unusual, but the name its marketers hung on it draws attention: gunmetal. The word oozes power and strength.

The product? Rocks-Off’s popular Ignition vibrator, which has received props right and left for its power and durability. In fact, the USB-rechargeable vibe has generated so much consumer buzz that the company used the mighty mite as the power source for its Intense collection of boys’ toys.

Previously, the bullet vibe was available only in a lovely rose-gold metallic shade. With the expansion of the Intense collection, however, Rocks-Off discerned a need for something a bit less feminine.

“Customers have demanded the Ignition in gunmetal since it was released in our Intense range, so we couldn’t refuse,” said International Sales Director Andrea Duffy. “Ignition in gunmetal satisfies those looking for a powerful bullet with a darker look and a competitive price point.”

The vibe itself hasn’t changed. Ignition still offers 10 functions, a tapered tip for precision stimulation and a smooth metallic finish that glides smoothly across the skin. It’s also still waterproof — and more popular than ever with consumers, Duffy said.

“The Ignition has received so many five-star reviews, and it has given us exceptional sales. What more could we ask for?” she asked.

For more information, visit Rocks-Off.com or email sales@rocks-off.com.

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