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October 18, 2016

‘Anal Savant’: Asshole Genius!

LOS ANGELES, CA — Consider John Stagliano’s new movie the fun side of graphic fetish exploration. The director unleashes his arsenal of powerful vibrators, serious SM devices and comical toys upon four wisecracking, freaky beauties that find humor in lust. Evil Angel will release the six-hour “Buttman Anal Savant” October 31 on VOD and as a two-disc DVD, and the big question will be: To whom does the title apply?

“Are these girls anal savants, or is Buttman the anal savant?” asks Stagliano. “I got confused, overwhelmed by the images created by these skilled and knowledgeable girls. This movie is the result of hours of clenching my right hand first around butt cheeks, then my computer mouse, and finally another nearby, salient object. It is a nonstop collection of ones and zeroes that hone in on exactly what I want to see. I hope I find others that like the same thing.”

To decide who is a savant, it helps to define the term, as sassy MILF Cherie DeVille does in the movie, explaining, “It means especially talented in one particular area, usually at the absence of other areas of intelligence.” Throughout “Buttman Anal Savant,” Stagliano and his comely cut-ups trade just such wisdom (and dirtier banter) as the girls demonstrate intense masturbatory excesses.

Stagliano observes, “Cherie knows her butt, and other stuff. Certainly she has an exploratory brain that probes the wet orifices of sexual debauchery. And she can stick her ass out like nobody’s business.” The blonde knockout with the good vocabulary plays with wicked suction devices. She stuffs her flexible sphincter with toys, a huge massager and thick, gelatinous lube that her anus releases all over the hardwood floor.

“What do you have going for you? I have my asshole,” boasts gorgeous, free-spirited Adriana Chechik.

Comments Stagliano, “Adriana knows her asshole is a star, but her amazing tits, fat pussy and beautiful face could each take center stage any time. Gobs of glistening spit dripping down her upside-down, self-abused face, her erect nipples and her sweet ass cheeks are captured in spectacular sunlight.”

With a rad contraption stretching her bald, bulbous twat, Chechik says, “I feel like I’m doing geometry or something.” (Her actions inspire Buttman to add, “Believe me, I’ve often wondered how girls can fist themselves because … I pulled a muscle in the shower.”)

“Layla Price is seriously sexy, big ass, big, natural tits, blonde and nasty,” notes Stagliano. “Delighting in all forms of debauchery, gaping, spitting, squirting, choking, etc., Layla was voted the most underrated girl in porn by a committee of two recently at the Evil Angel offices.”

Pale and beautiful Marley Brinx claims she was “born an anal princess.” Stagliano describes her as, “Tall, not a big ass, but an adorable bubble butt with the most perfectly formed asshole, vibrantly gaping in orgasmic delight.” Taking a deep view, he tells Brinx, “Your insides are as pretty as your outsides.”

So whom does the title ultimately describe? In the trailer at EvilAngelVideo.com, four anally educated girls and an ass-obsessive director make their cases, but perhaps the true genius of “Buttman Anal Savant” is that it applies to all fans of graphic-butt-playful kink.

Download press release materials for John Stagliano’s “Buttman Anal Savant” here.
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