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October 17, 2016

Omar Cantos to Energize Topco Private-Label Division

LOS ANGELES – Omar Cantos has joined pleasure products manufacturer Topco Sales as a sales account manager. Cantos’s experience includes private labeling and account development, which Topco executives see as critical to the company’s evolving focus.

Cantos possesses 12 years’ experience in private-label sales, which he will put to use expanding Topco’s sales by attracting partners who seek to expand their own presence by offering branded merchandise.

“I’m excited to integrate my private-label experience to this growing industry and help position Topco Sales as a leader in this category,” Cantos said. “My extensive knowledge of lead-generation, sourcing, private label sales and logistics fits perfectly with Topco’s new direction. I’m confident that my fresh perspective and friendly demeanor will help fortify the company’s bustling sales division, and I look forward to connecting with Topco’s vast customer base as we culminate the year.”

Cantos also has been tasked with helping to enhance the business processes in several of Topco’s key departments, improvements that fall in line with Chief Operating Officer Autumn O’Bryan’s mission to rebuild the company’s position as a leader in the adult industry.

“As COO, I’ve been working to fortify our various divisions and streamline our efforts toward a common goal: re-establishing Topco Sales’s reputation for trust, reliability and quality manufacturing,” O’Bryan said. “An important part of this effort has been introducing new talent to our sales and support teams, and Omar brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will strengthen our private-label division and support our active sales department. I’m looking forward to showing the industry what Topco Sales has in store and introducing Omar to our customers as a valuable asset.”

To learn more about Cantos’s role and the rest of Topco Sales’s support, email info@topcosales.us.

For more information about the company, visit TopcoSales.com.

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