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October 11, 2016

America’s Top Legal Brothel Owner Applauds Historic Backpage Busts–Demands Officials Take Next Step And Legalize Prostitution Nationwide!!!

Carson City, Nevada: America’s most powerful legal brothel baron Dennis Hof is applauding the recent arrests ofa slew of execs running the illegal prostitution-rife Backpage website on underage pimping and sex trafficking charges, but is now challenging law enforcement officials to go one step further–and legalizing prostitution in the US.

“While the Bunny Ranch fully supports the actions by law enforcement officials in California and Texas to take steps to end sex trafficking and underage prostitution promoted on websites such as Backpage, these measures fall short of offering any kind of alternative for the millions of independent, adult sex workers that make an honest living as courtesans,” said Hof, the owner of seven legal, licensed brothels–including the world famous Bunny Ranch (www.BunnyRanch.com)–throughout the state of Nevada. “The only rational solution is to legalize prostitution nationwide, and using the Bunny Ranch brothel as the model for how regulated, safe and secure bordellos can serve the needs of working girls, and their customers alike.”

Illegal, unregulated prostitution in all fifty states allows sex trafficking, underage prostitution, rape, robbery and disease transmission to run wild–leaving websites like Backpage free to promote such criminal and often deadly activities. At state-controlled brothels such as the Bunny Ranch, medical supervision, strict age-screening practices, condoms-required policies and law enforcement oversight has completely eliminated these scourges.

“If all you do is shut down a website, it just results in the pimps and girls going to another website, or even worse, turning to dangerous street-walking hooking. Government officials have to offer a legal, feasible path for adult sex providers to earn a living–many have families, are going to college and supporting loved ones,” points out Hof. “My brothel business model puts the vile pimps out of business, stops underage girls from working illegally, and sex trafficking, period!”

To Read Dennis Hof’s Full Statement On The Backpage Arrests Go To:

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