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October 05, 2016

Rock Candy And Nakedsword Partner For ‘Secrets & Lies’ Now Playing On Nakedsword!

SAN FRANCISCO — Today, NakedSword is happy to present Episode 1: ‘Father’s Secret’ from the new NakedSword/Rock Candy feature SECRETS & LIES now playing on NakedSword.com. Rock Candy returns and partners with NakedSword Original’s on this one-of-a-kind big budget production directed by acclaimed NakedSword Original’s director mr. Pam, executive produced by Falcon/NakedSword’s Tim Valenti with an engaging script by NakedSword’s Jack Shamama. Coupled with an all-star cast of Rocco Steele,Trenton Ducati, Colton Grey, Jacob Peterson, Brian Bonds and Brandon Wilde this is sure to be one of the year’s most talked about movies.

The stunningly shot SCRETS & LIES was filmed in the middle of the sun-drenched fields of California’s Central Valley and there is no better place to bring to life the sexual exploits that are happening on the Ridge Family Farm…In Episode One: ‘Father’s Secret’ the day started out like any other on the farm. Duke (Rocco Steele), his son Ryder (Colton Grey), brother-in-law Fredrick (Trenton Ducati) and nephew Beckett (Jacob Peterson) head out for a long, hot day of hard labor as they do everyday. Ranch hands (Brian Bonds and Brandon Wilde) soon discover their trusted tractor won’t start but domineering Fredrick (Trenton) has little patience for excuses. Its payday again and Fredrick is less than satisfied with their performance on the field, its time to make it up with a load yielding performance on Fredrick’s big tool.

In what turns out to be one of the best three-ways of the year, Fredrick pushes the guys down to pound innocent Brian and Brandon’s mouths before ripping their pants down to have his way with them. Brandon makes it up to his angry boss anyway he can by climbing the ladder in the barn and warming himself up with a ranch hoe even. This first scene is totally uninhibited and filled with lot’s of action. In the end their paychecks are earned but Uncle Fredrick let his guard down and forgot there are eyes everywhere on the Ridge Family Farm…See who found out ‘Father’s Secret’, now playing on NakedSword.com.

Director mr. Pam, says of SECRETS & LIES, “I’m really so excited about this movie. The cast was so invested, they really brought the script to life with their lines and dove into their characters above and beyond expectations. This is one of those shoots where everything came together flawlessly, the location, the sex, the script, etc. I believe this could really be the movie of the year.”
She goes on to say, “I challenged myself to truly make this one of the best movies of my career. I felt compelled to make this even more special because it was in conjunction with Rock Candy and bringing that line back to life. So the movie had to be something taboo in nature that works with their brand at the same time it had to be new and fresh and I’m happy to say that I believe we delivered just that with SECRETS & LIES.”

Executive Producer and President of Falcon Studios Group and NakedSword, Tim Valenti says of the partnership, “We are thrilled to have produced this spectacular movie for our sister company Rock Candy, their first new feature in over 2 years. I believe it will bring Rock Candy to the forefront of the marketplace and will span even more high quality productions together in the future.”

Watch this standout first episode of NakedSword and Rock Candy’s SECRETS & LIES now playing on NakedSword.com.

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