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September 30, 2016

New Worldwide Funds-Transfer Platform Launches

LONDON – A new payment platform based in the U.K. enables businesses and individuals worldwide to wire cross-border payments using a proprietary direct bank transfer network in more than 100 countries — without international wire-transfer fees.

A spokesperson said NoctisOne delivers mass-payout solutions to subscription website owners, dating companies, webcam studios and models, traffic providers, payroll companies, migrant workers and online affiliates. The system offers both API integration and a browser-based app, at the client’s option.

Only the sending party must be a NoctisOne account holder; recipients need only a bank account that can receive direct transmission. Foreign exchange rates and transaction fees are calculated automatically.

NoctisOne also offers an e-wallet platform, allowing instant funds transfers globally between NoctisOne account holders. Paired with a NoctisOne prepaid MasterCard, the e-wallet system allows users to access their funds anywhere, anytime.

For more information, visit NoctisOne.com or email sales@noctisone.com.

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