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September 28, 2016

YNOT Awards, YNOT Grand Prix: A Pic is Worth 1K Words

HOUSTON – The European shows have come to a close for the year, and so have two of YNOT’s biggest events: the YNOT Grand Prix kart-racing circuit and the YNOT Awards. We still have one more major event to host — YNOT Party Austin Nov. 14-17 — but we can take a week or two to catch our breath. (And corral co-owner Jay Kopita’s clone. Seriously, no one can be in that many places at the same time. There must be more than one of him.)

As always, Buster Brown of YNOT Shoot Me used his trusty lens to capture all the action at all of the shows. We paraded a few of the images last Friday. Today, we encapsulate random moments from the YNOT Awards ceremony and the YNOT Grand Prix Prague. You’ll find an entire gallery of images for the Grand Prix here. The gallery for the YNOT Awards is here.

YNOT Awards 2016

YNOT Grand Prix Prague

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