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September 27, 2016

Male Sex Toys Needn’t be Cold and Impersonal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Let’s face it: No matter how horny a guy is, sometimes a cold, superficial relationship with a pocket pussy just won’t cut it. Where’s the passion; the heat?

Whizworx LLC believes it has developed the answer. The company’s newest product, released Monday, promises to take the chill off solo action.

The Hot Pocket (no relation to the microwavable sandwich) adds heat to Whizworx’s signature male masturbator, fifi. Hot Pocket resembles a manicurist’s hand-warmer. Plug in the device, set the temperature gauge to low, medium or high, tuck the fifi inside and wait for fifi to attain the desired temperature.

“Ever since our inception, we’ve been working on coming up with a safe and effective way to add heat to our product,” said Whizworx Chief Executive Officer David Bramo. “We’ve tried insertable pads that have a battery attached and poles that heat up when you plug them in via USB.”

The Hot Pocket, he said, provided the most workable solution.

The product is not without its drawbacks, however. Depending on the heat level chosen, the pocket may require as long as 15 minutes to take the chill off fifi’s center, so this isn’t a spur-of-the-moment operation. For those occasions when you have time to spare, though…

The Hot Pocket retails for $24.95 at GetFifi.com. Fifi, Furfi and Dominator are available on the website, as well.

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