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September 15, 2016

Unleash Your Inner Intimate Artist with New ‘Doodle’ Mini Vibe by Screaming O

LOS ANGELES, CA � Screaming O is promoting inspired foreplay and intimate artistry with the Doodle, a brand new mini vibe featuring an ultra-powerful rumbling motor and clever pleasure ball tip. This small hand-held massager makes it easy to get creative with foreplay while exploring erogenous zones thanks to a 100% True Silicone� sleeve that transfers deep, low-pitch vibration to its tip and pleasures anyplace it touches � even underwater!

The Doodle Vibe unleashes your inner intimate artist with an easy-to-use design that even the most experienced sex toy connoisseurs can enjoy. Powered by the famous Vooom Bullet, this mini vibe stimulates using a powerful deep, rumbling sensation that penetrates for a uniquely satisfying experience. Its unique exterior is made of lab-tested, body-safe silicone shaped with a solid pleasure ball that can be used to tease and please during foreplay or provide pinpointed stimulation where it�s needed the most.

�The design for the Doodle came about during a particularly inspired brainstorming session and the end result has left customers excited and eager to place orders,� Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. �The Doodle is so fun to use and its True Silicone sleeve not only transfers vibration but also helps keep a no-slip grip, which is especially useful when lube is involved. Whether for vibrating foreplay or enhanced intimacy, the Doodle inspires people to get creative with their sex lives and have fun doing it � which is precisely what Screaming O is all about!�

The Doodle is made of lab-tested, 100% body-safe ABS plastic with a body-safe True Silicone sleeve and 100% waterproof construction, making it easy to enjoy rumbling vibration in the bath or shower.

For more information, please contact Aumann at conde@thescreamingo.com.

For more information about The Screaming O�s top selling vibrating rings, mini vibes, bullets and more, please visit https://screamingo.com/.

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