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September 08, 2016

The Marine Brings EliteXFilms Fans To Attention!

Cyberspace – In an adult marketplace that has recently become overrun by unscripted ‘gonzo’ porn content, lacking any emotional connection or backstory context for the audience, EliteXFilms is now pushing back by offering a unique film that combines the best cinematic elements of erotica with a plot-driven story that is already thrilling test audiences around the globe.
“The Marine is an action packed movie,” explains EliteXFilms Founder Steve Jones. “It’s the story of an Ex-Marine who falls in love and tries to save his new girlfriend from an unsavory prostitution ring by taking matters into his own hands. The film’s action sequences are Hollywood quality with an army of thugs, bodyguards and hitmen to overcome – while the film mixes action and erotica in ways that turn lust into love with the entire audience along for quite a wild ride.”

Viewers can enjoy the trailer video for The Marine right now online here, and the full length version of the film in 4K or HD with 5.1 surround sound is available to purchase or rent exclusively from www.themarinexxx.com.

Steve Jones of EliteXFilms comes from a mainstream movie background and has previously worked on blockbuster films with multimillion-dollar budgets in different capacities ranging from Director of Cinematography to film directing and producing several movies as well as supervising VFX. All of that experience shows prominently in each frame of this hotly anticipated erotic tale.

“My approach to producing adult films is the same as when I produce a mainstream movie,” said Mr. Jones. “I start with a great plot-driven storyline that’s entertaining and engaging, then cast beautifully talented performers who can bring the characters to life in a believable way. Sex is an important component of The Marine like most adult films, but the title sets itself apart with intriguing locations, artistically lighted scenes, special effects, set design, wardrobe and a level of immersion that an amateur with handicam simply cant match. You can see immediately from the first few moments of the trailer that editing, storytelling, action sequences, visual effects and great color correction combine to create the kind of mood rarely seen in an adult film during recent years. Even the sound editing, originally composed score and 5.1 surround are essential to creating a time and place for these fantasies to exist in the mind of each audience member. There is no reason why sex cannot be art, and I’m proud to say that The Marine does quite a bit to restore the art of sex.”

EliteXFilms is striving to become the world’s best adult production company in virtual reality and traditional content channels by combining uncompromising creativity with a commitment to integrating the most innovative technologies. The Marine is the first of six new feature films to be released by EliteXFilms during 2016-2017. The company is also already in production to release a state of the art

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