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September 06, 2016

RedTube Gives Creators Stifled by Censors New Opportunity to Grow without Borders, Increase Fan Base and Revenues without Restrain

NEW YORK, NY — RedTube, a leading free, online adult entertainment site, today pledges to help creators of content that have been stifled and ultimately shown the door when it comes to advertising on their content.

RedTube, which receives more than 20 million visits to its site each day, wants to give creators the opportunity to display and monetize their content without restrictions. For this, an undercurrent of protestors have created the hashtag #RedtubeoverYoutube to show solidarity in the flight against censoring based on internal decision-making.

A “Safe for Work” category has already been prepared for content creators.

In a September 1st article published by The Daily Variety entitled YouTube Slammed By Creators About ‘Ad Inappropriate’ Content Policy, Which Google Says Hasn’t Changed, creators for Youtube have claimed the company is “blocking advertising from running against content it deems inappropriate. The furor spawned a trending hashtag on Twitter, #YouTubeisoverparty, with creators expressing displeasure over the situation.”

“RedTube will never censor,” says Alex Taylor, VP of Marketing for RedTube. “We already have an audience these creators are looking for. We have the technology necessary to give people the opportunities. We are the R-rated vlogger platform that fits both creators and consumers. We want those who feel that they are being cast aside to know they have an opportunity with us.”

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