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August 08, 2016

Falsely Listed as Supporting Prop 60, Two Groups Join Suit to Be Removed

SACRAMENTO — At least two groups listed as supporters of Proposition 60 by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, say they do not, in fact, support the controversial adult film initiative, and have filed a writ to be removed as such from California’s Official Voter Pamphlet. Doctors from San Francisco Medical Society and the IEAU, a performer union, say they were falsely listed as supporters by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in the Official Voter Ballot Information arguments.

“The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is at it again,” stated Eric Paul Leue, Campaign Manager for Californians Against Worker Harassment, which opposes Proposition 60. “They haven’t been able to secure actual support so they’re manufacturing it. This is part of a long history of AHF misrepresentation on this dangerous and regressive initiative, and in their unrelenting attacks on performers. We’re glad these groups caught this in time for their names to be removed. Shame on AHF.”

Prop 60, which allows performers to be sued for not using condoms, is OPPOSED by a diverse coalition of workers, public health advocates, performers, as well as both major political parties, including the California Democratic Party, the California Republican Party, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center,  Equality California, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Adult Performers Advocacy Committee (APAC).

“Every day, we hear from people and organizations opposing this initiative. Even those who once considered supporting it in principle, are deserting in droves once they find out that it encourages lawsuits against the performers themselves,” says Leue.

While proponents of the initiative speak only of the provision related to condoms, the most problematic portions related to granting authority to ANY RESIDENT OF CALIFORNIA to file a lawsuit against anyone involved in the making of adult films, including performers.  Not even injured performers are exempt.


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