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August 11, 2016

Pharmquests Collection Adds New Items

AMSTERDAM – New massage oils, lubes and desensitizing products have joined the Pharmquests lineup at Dutch manufacturer and distributor Shots Media BV.

The company’s new Cannabis Massage Oil is designed to “relax the body and regenerate the skin.” Cannabis and cannabis products have been legal in the Netherlands for nearly four decades. Twenty-five U.S. states and the District of Columbia had legalized medical marijuana by mid-2016, with more set to follow by the end of the year. Massage oils are a popular therapeutic method of delivering the plant’s medicinal benefits.

Splashers and Squirting Lube both are intravaginal lubricants designed “to enhance, ease and comfort intimate sexual activity.” Squirting Lube’s container is equipped with an applicator tip, while Splashers comes in insertable capsules.

China Brush and Desensitize Spray are new numbing products. The former is a small bottle with a brush under the cap, allowing direct application to the penis for “a longer-lasting erection.” Desensitize Spray is designed to postpone orgasm.

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