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August 19, 2016

Twistbox Conquers South African Mobile Market

LOS ANGELES – With revenue in the mobile sector booming worldwide, every mobile CPA network constantly searches for the next big strike. Twistbox Entertainment’s newest mobile market will be one of the most profitable, according to Vice President of Operations Ler Khodaverdy.

“With the success of our offers in smaller European markets, we looked to expand our portfolio into new, larger, more mature markets,” he said. “South Africa is the first of many more to come in the next six months.”

With more than 60 million mobile subscribers — a penetration rate of 150 percent — and fairly liberal regulations, the South African market shows great potential for the right content and offers, Khodaverdy said. That’s especially true for companies connected directly to the largest mobile carrier in the country, as Twistbox is.

“One of the great things about South Africa is the carrier billing guidelines and flows are in line with our other top-performing markets,” he said. “So, we’re hoping this is a fairly smooth transition and penetration of a brand new market, which is never an easy task.”

However, Khodaverdy is confident Twistbox has “the right stuff” to make South Africa lucrative. The company offers an end-to-end platform for content distribution. Its CPA network has produced what Khodaverdy called excellent results in matching publishers and advertisers with revenue sources that represent the best fit for each client. Twistbox also hosts mobile streaming, publishes its own award-winning games and mobile apps, and provides a true one-click mobile billing platform.

“Users’ behavior, pricing, regulations and other factors can be the difference between a successful offer in a new market and one that doesn’t perform,” he said. “We look forward to applying our experience and expertise to make this an instant success and a significant new revenue stream for our partners and affiliates.”

For more information, visit Twistbox.com.

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