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August 23, 2016

New Adult Game Busts Boredom in the Bedroom

What the authors describe as �a hybrid e-book/game� promises couples a 31-day erotic adventure of exploration, rediscovery and fun.

According to the product�s website, Bedroom Boredom Busters �takes couples on a sexual journey with 31 scintillating and sometimes daring activities: 15 for him to plan, 15 for her to plan and one bonus activity to plan together.�

Although the author(s) remain a mystery, NoMoreBoringSex.com � the company marketing the book � notes BBB is the first in a planned series of hybrid products designed to help couples learn more about each other, become more intimate and fulfill fantasies.

The e-book/game is �perfect for couples whose love lives have grown stale,� according to the bar-bones site. �Bedroom Boredom Busters promises to inject new ideas and new passions into the bedroom and beyond.�

The PDF is available for instant download upon payment of $19 at NoMoreBoringSex.com.

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