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April 11, 2019

Three of America’s Most-Visited Websites Are Porn Sites

We all know that online adult entertainment is pretty popular, but recent studies released by SimilarWeb.com shows just how popular. To whit: three of America’s eight most-visited websites are pornographic.

In fact, there are only five websites that Americans visit more than Pornhub: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, and Yahoo. Pornhub is the sixth-most visited site in America, with Xnxx and Xvideos bringing up the seventh- and eighth-place sots. For American internet users, these three porn-streaming sites beat out perennial favorites Ebay, Twitter, Wikipedia, Instagram, Reddit, and even Netflix.

It’s not exactly a surprise that adult entertainment ranked high in the most-visited websites list. After all, Pornhub is regularly touting its 90-million-visitors-a-day statistic on its Insights page. Anti-porn bills and resolutions are rippling across state legislatures in America like they’re going out of style. And one of the most creative advertising teams in the world just launched a campaign for a porn-addiction app.

Still, as The Daily Caller put it, porn sites “coming in this high [in the ranking] might be a shade unexpected.” Americans are clearly spending more time watching porn online than we realized.

Then again, American’s aren’t the only ones typing with one hand. The study also found that of the top twelve most-visited websites worldwide, three are porn. Baidu, an international search engine, swapped sixth place with Pornhub, which landed at number 7 globally, while Xvideos ranked ninth and Xnxx came in at twelfth. It appears that, around the world, porn takes up more of our collective mental (and physical) space than reading news, watching TV or movies, or shopping.


We’re not shocked, exactly. Just impressed.

Bar graph image by Wagner Magni

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