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April 11, 2019

Anal Sex as a Cure for Bland Sex Life?

A lot of people love sex to the point of having it several times a day, but at times, for some of them, things can get boring. It especially concerns people in long-term relationships whose sex life might need some refreshing. We asked three couples who resolved their issues by diversifying sex about their experiences, and despite being of different sexualities, each of them named anal sex as their favorite solution. While not being something unique, anal sex is often disregarded in a permanent perspective because many people are wary of having it often. How justified is it and can anal sex really return thrill to the stale sex life?

Some Facts about Anal Sex

The first mentions of anal sex come from ages ago, and they’re identical for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. It’s often depicted on various ancient creations, for example, on exotic Sung's engravings or in erotic ancient pottery in Peru. Now, though, many couples think that anal sex is painful and physically dangerous, which is why they avoid it, merely search thematic sites similar to camsiteonline, or don’t think about it at all. That’s why three interviewed couples gave their tips on how to have great anal sex without any discomfort.

Having High-Quality Anal Sex

  • Condoms and special lubricant should be prepared before anal sex. Spontaneous anal sex can be fun, but it can also be indeed painful. The anus doesn’t provide a natural lubricant as the vagina, so for comfortable and safe anal sex, you need to get additional soothing stuff. There are a lot of special lubricants on the market, you can buy the one you and your partner would like most.
  • Foreplay is necessary. Use your fingers or small toys to prepare anus for penis or its imitation. Stroking, stretching, and pressing will be pleasant and stimulating, and it will make penetration painless.
  • Be gentle and patient. For couples not used to having anal sex frequently, harshness and hastiness will be a bad issue. Be slow and gentle. Later, pacing can become faster and rougher, but only when the bottom partner warms up and feels like it.
  • Don’t forget about your partner and their feelings. Lots of people make weighty mistakes by focusing only on their feelings due to the newness or rarity of experience, forgetting about their partner. Ask, advise, discuss something with a partner with whom you have anal sex as it’s important for both your physical and psychological sensations.


All interviewed couples claimed that anal sex should be neither underestimated nor overestimated. Some people view it as overly simple, but in fact, it can spice up stale sex life before encouraging people to try more new stuff. At the same time, with proper preparation, it’s not nearly as painful and harmful as some believe. So if you’re having relationship problems, consider anal sex as a potential assistant. Experience shows, it can be unexpectedly helpful!

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