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April 05, 2019

A New Porn Site for Women…Without Any Pictures?

If you’re so inundated by traditional, visual porn that you need something new, fear not! Quinn is coming. It’s a “much less gross, more fun version of Pornhub,” says its founder. And, though it’s porn, it will have no visuals at all

Confused? Don’t be. Caroline Spiegel, a twenty-two-year-old senior at Stanford University, is planning to launch a porn site where all the sexy content will be in written and audio formats. According to Business Insider, “The startup…is intended to be an alternative to the plethora of porn that is image-heavy and made with the male gaze in mind.”

The site, where users can submit their own fantasies for curation and publication by an all-female team, will be aimed at women, whom Spiegel believes have been left out of mainstream porn for too long.

“Most visual media perpetuates the male gaze,” she told TechCrunch. But she wants Quinn to be a place where women can feel relaxed and enjoy pleasure without messaging about how to look, behave, or feel. “It’s not about deserving to feel great,” she said. “There’s no deserving with our product. Our mission is for women to be more in touch with themselves and feel fucking great. It’s all about pleasure and good vibes.”

“I came up with it because I had to leave Stanford my junior year because I was struggling with anorexia and sexual dysfunction that came along with that,” Spiegel told TechCrunch. “I started to do a lot of research into sexual dysfunction cures. There are about Thirty FDA-approved drugs for sexual dysfunction for men but zero for women, and that’s a big bummer.”

No word yet on whether the users submitting content will be compensated for their work—if they do, that would make the “much less gross” comparison to Pornhub all the more valid. Whatever the case, it appears the site will run on ad-generated money. According to TechCrunch, Quinn has already raised nearly $1 million to start up with, and will launch on April 13.

Photo of woman wearing headphones by Ophelia Cherry

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