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April 01, 2019

VR Bangers: Virtual Reality Porn is Now Patented!

The Patent and Trademark Bureau has officially published a patent approval for VR Bangers in accordance with the process of filming adult related content in virtual reality.

Initially filed in 2013, the application covered the handling of 3D cameras to film the VR materials and the use of virtual reality goggles (headsets) for converting the video and static content into immersive experiences in three dimensions. The supporting documentation quoted research regarding the dopamine producing effects of viewing adult related content in virtual reality – with the outcome being multiplied in 360 degrees and with the use of binaural sound.

VR Bangers noted in their initial filing that the market has a huge potential for an increased interest in virtual reality (VR).

At the time, a lot of industry related companies already produced head mounted displays (HMDs) for the users to wear that project images onto their eyes to create two-dimensional or three-dimensional images and immersive video experiences. In the past few years, virtual reality technology has been developing on the commercial market at a high rate, which resulted in many of the largest companies in the world – such as Samsung, Sony, Google or Facebook – investing millions of dollars in the development of this technology.

Hardware like virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, all combined under the acronym XR, are becoming more and more often a regular household item. Additionally, filming content in 3D is becoming increasingly common and popular. According to VR Bangers, at this very moment, VR porn is the second branch with the highest content demand in the virtual reality market right after virtual reality games.

VR Bangers has created multiple technologies, software applications and workflows to support their position. Back in 2013, even though the company did not think much of the importance of filing for such a patent, they did it anyway simply because “no one has ever done that,” according to the VR Bangers’ CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel Abramovich.

“Who knew that this is going to be the fastest growing and most lucrative segment of the virtual reality market?” Abramovich said.“We did it with very small hopes while no other VR porn companies have existed and we never thought that we would actually get approved for this. We spent thousands of dollars on patent lawyers and finally we have received this approval. This is a huge victory for us!”

So, what does this mean for other existing and aspiring studios in the adult virtual reality industry?

VR Bangers’ Marketing Director Igor Zhivago mentioned that the company has created very productive and mutually respectable business relationships with all the players in the business and has no intention to disrupt the development and growth of the adult VR –  despite their ability to request licensing fees from any and all producers of the adult VR content. Existing in a competitive business environment is beneficial for all the participants and, consequently, for the end-users and consumers, who are already making it a billion dollar industry.

Current market research states that only ten percent of the VR market has been penetrated by all the existing adult providers, leaving an untapped territory of entire 90 percent to create the demand for the ever-growing adult content.

VR Bangers’ CTO Boris Smirnoff offered, “It’s the Wild West all over again, and this time it’s for the VR porn. Everyone is welcome to stake their claim. We definitely did!”

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