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March 05, 2019

Bisexual People LOVE Porn, XHamster Study Reveals

Bisexual people apparently love porn. Like, a lot. Or, at least the ones who frequent tube site xHamster do. In the results of a study released February 26, xHamster’s vice president, Alex Hawkins, wrote, “Does watching too much porn make you gay? No, but it might make you bi.”

That statement can’t be proven by the study,which surveyed over 11,000 users of the site. The results are still being sorted through by data analysts, but xHamster did find a direct, clear correlation between bisexuality and frequent porn use.

First, the sheer number of bisexual xHamster users was startling: 22.36% of American survey respondents self-identified that way, while a scant 4.05% identified as homosexual and only 67.77% called themselves straight (the remainder were broken down into asexual and “other”). When broken down by the two most plentiful genders, the study revealed that nearly 40% of women xHamster porn watchers swing both ways, along with a full 20% of men.

“These are much higher numbers than have been previously reported,” marveled Hawkins.

And the correlation between porn watching and bisexuality are just getting started. As the New York Post put it, “the more porn you watch, the likelier you are to go both ways.” The study revealed that, of once-a-week porn viewers, only 13% were bi…but that percentage steadily increased with the intake of smut. Over 30% of viewers who watch porn multiple times a day identified as bi.

But…why? The study can’t tell us. But, at YNOT, we have a few theories. Maybe it’s because watching porn exposes you to people of multiple genders being sexual—and shows that you can enjoy it all. Maybe it’s because bisexual people see themselves reflected in media so rarely that they turn to porn for representation. Or maybe it’s because bisexual people really are hornier than everybody else!

Or, as Hawkins speculated to the Post, “The more porn you watch, the more you may think, ‘Hey, that’s actually somewhat of a turn-on. Maybe I’m not as totally straight, or gay, as I thought.’”

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