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March 04, 2019

BBW Struggles In LA with Genevieve LaFleur

Los Angeles is synonymous with particular standards of beauty that, even within the context of a larger society that places so much emphasis on looks, are intense. So, where do people who throw those beauty standards for a loop fit in?

For the inside scoop on porn, beauty culture and how people who don’t fit the mold still fit right in, we talked to BBW performer Genevieve LaFleur. Fresh off her new scene for Plumper Pass, LaFleur has no problem navigating Los Angeles and the adjacent Porn Valley as a plus-size performer.

“Guys there love me,” LaFleur said. “Fat, confident women who are proud of their bodies seem to be pretty rare [in Los Angeles].” She uses this uniqueness to her advantage.

The fetishization of BBW performers is not a particularly new phenomenon, but it does come with its own unique concerns. Not fitting into the mold of what people expect one to look like can lead to fewer jobs, for instance, but LaFleur doesn’t see it that way. Instead, she takes it as a new opportunity to show off her body-positivity.

According to LaFleur, while having a plus size body type is “somewhat limiting,” she doesn’t “feel advantaged or disadvantaged in the porn industry” due to her body type.

This is particularly encouraging for the BBW community as it indicates that performers are being judged less on their body type when submitting for roles and more by their ability and fit for the role itself. LaFluer even noted she is “seeing that more and more companies are expanding to include BBW women in their films,” a sign that the days of fat-shaming are giving way to a more encouraging and welcoming side of the industry.

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