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July 11, 2018

Kheper Games Launches Pot-Themed ‘Dope Dice,’ Others

Kheper Games is excited to announce the release of three new adult party games, including the innovative Dope Dice.

Dope Dice is the first pot-themed game designed to be played with edibles, vaping and/or smoking. Players divide into two teams and take turns rolling dice and carrying out their roles. They may be instructed to take a team toke or nibble, or they may have to follow the two Dare Dice. They may end up dancing dopey, performing a skit wildly, blindly making an obscene gesture and much, much more.

“We continue to branch out and expand our various types of games into as many categories as exist,” explained CEO Brian Pellham.

“We noticed a trend with adult party games and continuously ask ourselves how else can we entertain adults so that we can offer our customers a complete game section? With this expanding variety of games, we continue to offer fresh content for customers with friends wanting to laugh their asses off… and with pot use becoming more acceptable, we are releasing our first game that actually includes consumption as part of the game play: Dope Dice,” Pellham added.

Kheper Games also launched Making Bad Situations Worse and That’s Disgusting!

In Making Bad Situations Worse, players submit the worst reactions they can come up with to bad situations. For example, a player selects the bad situation, “I discover my unborn twin in between two fat rolls.” Then they ask other players, “How do I make that situation worse?” Other players submit “Make It Worse” cards from their hands. The player who is chosen as making the situation the worst wins the point.

That’s Disgusting! is the most disgusting game, ever. You and your friends try to out-gross each other by doing overacted impersonations, participating in gross contests and naming items that fit into vulgar categories. Categories include Scat Cat, Insects & Critters, Sammy Secretion and Gloria Gore.

These games expand upon Kheper Games’ popular line of adult party games and will be formally launched at the July ANME and the August NY NOW trade shows.

For more information, please contact info@khepergames.com.

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