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July 04, 2018

Siteways Group Presents TXTSend

Netherlands – The next major revolution in camming will happen on the mobile devices we all love and use today. At least, according to TXTSend.

“Today more than ever most people use their phones to do everything. We at TxtSendsaw this as an opportunity to make tools for models to market themselves as they already do, but in a fresh new way,” a TXTSend representative stated via press release.

According to TXTSend, models can use their exclusive apps to build profiles, share content and chat to anyone in the world, from home and on the go.

“Technologies like Skype and Whatsapp have dominated the market for communications for everyone, including cam and content creators, but they’re free and inherently hard to monetize in any real way,” TXTSend continued.

Further information stated: “With TxtSend, you can do the same social marketing you’ve always done to attract new fans and easily make money with tips, gifts, custom content and even 1:to:1 low latency video calling.”

Following is a product description and an itemization of features.

Models can download the TXTSend app to their phones or use a traditional web interface to do free live shows, privates and all the traditional cam website features. The site, unlike many others, offers features that traditionally you would only see on more sophisticated chat applications, like sending links (safe checked), sending files, stickers and emoticons, sounds and more, all within 1:to:1 chat or full room chat.

Friending and favoriting is easily done by clients who can come back and find you time and again. Mobile apps allow you to have the kind of freedom you only had before with other chat apps like Skype or Viber. Do live or recorded content on the go from anywhere and continue your shows on a PC at home.

Other features include:

– Detailed, real time statistics included on the app and on the web.

– Upload and resell content, as well as tangible items.

– Unique message and privacy controls.

– Bi-monthly payout, with many options for Europe and the United States.

TXTSend added: “We here at TXTSend saw a market of models using normal chat programs to sell shows, chats, and do general model marketing and interactivity to clients. While there are some tools out there to monetize these revenue streams, no one had combined fan based profiles, content sales, private video chat and real time 1:to:1 chat with model/client in a way that makes it easy to earn money on.”

“Traditional chat over phones and desktop required giving out accounts and other info that had to be changed or having g multiple accounts maintained for privacy after work. With TXTSend, get all of the features you’ve come to expect with ways to monetize your traffic in the palm of you hand and completely private and safe.”

It will be interesting to see how this new service performs in the market.

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