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July 04, 2018

Grupo Bedoya Sells Shares of LALEXPO

Columbia — After five years of success, great experiences and much learning, Richard Bedoya, CEO of Grupo Bedoya and one of the organizers and founders of the Latin American Adult Business Expo (LALEXPO), has announced the sale of its shares of this important event.

Bedoya was one of the three founders and organizers of the event, and Grupo Bedoya’s shares of the LALEXPO amounted to 33 percent of the program. Bedoya also announced his retirement as Legal Representative of Latam Outsourcing SAS, the overall owner and organizer of the event.

The LALEXPO has become a benchmark for B2B adult industry events worldwide. It is one of the most well-attended industry expos and, after five years, continues to be the only event of its kind in held Latin America. These announcements from Bedoya  and Grupo Bedoya indicate the company plans to take a new course in the expansion of its operations.

Press announcements indicate that Grupo Bedoya’s decision to “split efforts with the organizing companies and to stop being part of the event is nothing more than a change of direction in the commercial interests of the company.” Both Bedoya entities hope to continue supporting the industry from other angles.

Image via LALEXPO galleries.

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